Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yummy chocolate truffles

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and are ready to take on Father's Day tomorrow (for those of you who are in Australia that is)

A couple of weekends ago I shared a lovely weekend away for 30 or so other stampin' mamas in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales. And it was all organised by a gorgeous lady who is beautiful both inside and out..Marelle Taylor (find her blog here)
And on that weekend away we were all asked to bring a little something to share for morning / afternoon tea. I decided to bring some yummy choccies truffles. Now this recipe was given to me by my very dear friend Mel, a truly inspirational woman.

Now Mel assured me, as I will assure you, that they are so very easy to make...and very hard to stop eating!

Here is the recipe:

300g Oreo cookies
250g block of cream cheese
dark or milk chocolate (for dipping)
white chocolate (for drizzling)

-chuck the cookies in the food processor and whiz until finely crushed.
-chuck in the cream cheese and whiz again, until it is all nicely squished together.
-roll mixture into whatever size balls you like (I like to do mine slightly larger than the size of a macadamia nut, but it is totally up to you)
-then I put them on a tray and throw them in the fridge for about an hour.
-then you can use a toothpick if you like for this step, dip them into the melted chocolate.
-if it takes your fancy, you can drizzled some white chocolate over them (I like to do this, because it hides any choccie dipping boo-boo's and makes them look pretty!)

Have fun making these yummy treats...maybe even some for dad tomorrow? If he is lucky enough.

x manda


  1. Hi miss Nanny

    I love it - I am definitely bookmarking this and it will come out for that "sneaky never fail to impress recipe moment" I need.

    Have a lovely weekend


  2. Thank-you so much for sharing this amazing recipe! I'm going to look so clever when I make these to share with my friends next week! Lol. Found you through Marelle's blog, btw.

  3. Omgosh these look divine! I have printed out the recipe so I can have a go at making some :)
    Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!