Monday, September 26, 2011

school holiday fun..and a bit of sanity

Here is a little something which I did with my kids today. I found the idea on this blog.
When I saw this idea, I put it in my memory bank, and those of you that know me well, will know that my memory bank isn't always available for withdrawls ;) But today was the day I needed this one.
It is only day 2 of holidays here, and the kids were starting to climb the walls already, and therefore drive this mama around the bend! So I dipped into the memory bank and remembered this little nature palette which I saw a while ago.
All it takes is some cardboard, (my weetbix box came in handy here) a marker, some crayons or textas, and some double sided tape...just a few of the usual things a crafty mama has at her disposal.
Draw the outline of a painters palette on the cardboard, then mark some circles for the colours and write the name of a colour under each one. Then set the kids to work on colouring in the circles with the relevant colour (this is where the big ones that can read, can help the little ones who can't quite just yet), then when they have finished that, you can stick on some double sided tape into each now beautifully coloured-in circle...then put the kettle the back doors and "set the monkeys free"
Where upon they will (hopefully) happily roam free in the garden/yard and pull leaves off plants, petals off your flowers and dig in the rocks to find the bits and pieces they need to complete their nature palette.

Give it a might even get some time for a quiet cuppa ;)


and after.
xx manda

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