Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day

Happy belated Australia Day to you all. Here in Australia it was a public holiday, so NK hubby was home, and with the kids we enjoyed a lazy day around the house, besides a little trip to our local cafe for an iced coffee for hubby and myself, and a little chocolate milkshake for the kids. Here in Sydney yesterday it was a very humid day, which continued into the early evening. But by around 7.30pm it was comfortable enough to sit out on the deck and share an Australia Day dinner together...with a twist.

You see, in the NK household we are a bit of a mixed bag, so to speak. I myself am born to an Aussie mum and Italian dad, and NK hubby was born in England, to Irish parents, who then emigrated to New Zealand when NK hubby was about one, and then arrived on Aussie shores when NK hubby was 16.
So in the spirit of having a household of "mixed bags", our Australia Day dinner consisted of lamb, a nod to the kiwi's, sausages, good ol' Aussie BBQ fare, roast spuds, for the Irish and a salad of tomatoes, basil (fresh from the NK garden, unfortunately we had eaten all our ripe tomatoes last week), and fresh mozarella (which we fondly call "monsterella" in our house), drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. And I threw in a baby spinach, pumpkin, fetta and pine nut salad, with a lemon and olive oil dressing, just because we like it...yum.

I hope you all enjoyed your Australia Days. Let me know how you celebrated.
So that's it from here today. I am off to pack some bags for a little weekend getaway with my hubby.
x manda

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A hunt, a find and the latest pickings...

Good afternoon there ladies. I do hope you have all had a lovely weekend?

Nanny Kate headed back down the South Coast at the weekend, to help in a few more bits and pieces for the reno. Which consisted of  NK hubby and NK dad, putting up a new ceiling in the downstairs bathroom...which involved lots of hammering, and NK and NK hubby shifting our bedroom around...which I was so very happy with the result, I wanted to stay another night (boo-hoo). And NK taking down the old curtains and curtain rail in said bedroom and putting up a new curtain rail (insert cranky sweaty NK here) and new lovely floaty white curtains...aaahhhh...(insert sigh of relief and big smile here)

Not only did I sweat a bit, I also put in a bit of treasure hunting at the local op shops. Now I must say, I absolutely love an op shop! And I have great difficultly going past one without poking my nose in to see what treasure awaits me. And it seems that the local op shops down there have a very good following, so much so, that there was really was very little in the way of treasures to be found :( But I didn't come away empty handed, I managed to find myself a little white rectangular dish, just what I was after for our bedroom down the coast, you know what I mean, a little dish to put all your bibs and bobs in, like your beads and bangles and bits. And I also found this, very stained and worn, but I have a bit of a "thing" for platters and bowls, so this one at $5 I just couldn't pass up.

 And I also wanted to share something else with you that makes me smile..todays pickings from my garden. Not much but oh so colourful and pretty, not to mention tasty.

Thanks for visiting.
xx manda

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nanny Kate goes coastal

Good afternoon my lovelies. Well the Nanny Kate abode has finally returned home after just over a week away down the South Coast of New South Wales to a gorgeous little hideaway, Culburra Beach.
We are lucky enough to have family holiday house down at Culburra Beach just 3 houses away from the beach.
This old 50's fibro has been in my family for 25 years now, and I have spent many a summer and winter down there, enjoying the beach and surrounding areas such as Berry, Gerroa and Gerringong.
Since I was young, I have loved nothing more than fossicking for natures treasures such as shells, rocks and driftwood. I used to, (and still do) this hunting with my mum, we actually enjoyed a lovely fossick down at the Crookhaven River yesterday looking for suitable piece of driftwood for our newly renovated upstairs bathroom at the beach house. Photos of what I plan to do with my driftwood will follow when I have completed my little project :) And now my daughter joins Nanny and I on our hunt for shells, but she is usually after ones with a hole through which she can thread a piece of ribbon so she can make herself and her friends a necklace. Too cute!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you some photos I took while on my little coastal break. Please be kind and excuse my lack of photographic skills, they were all taken on my iphone...just point and click. But I remember a little tip that the lovely Sarah from A Beach Cottage gave her readers on taking pics on your iphone....don't zoom in, as you tend to lose detail. Since that day forth, this has been the law for me when clicking away on my iphone. Thanks Sarah ;)

the view from my deck chair

Culburra Beach

Culburra Beach

our feety-feet...note the lily white skin, obviously the start of our holiday ;)

looking back at the dunes

my beach babe

yes...yet again....Culburra Beach

making sandcastle with my baby girl makes me smile

beach babe kicking back on her deck chair..such a hard life ;)

a bit of coastal decorating. The print you see if by the lovely Emma of Chitter & Chatter

coastal christmas tree created by my mum.
Branches courtesy of Culburra beach track, Vintage glass baubles from Culburra Vinnies

a coastal decoration courtesy of Emma's (of Chitter and Chatter) mum and dad...also coastal dwellers

What a find! Mum and I had a mother/daughter day our in Berry and we came across this gorgeous shop...I may have even purchased myself a pair of earrings ;)

the facade of Roots & Wings Design of Berry. This was another great find on our little dally into Berry. The building was originally the blacksmiths shop. Very appealing to the metalsmith in me.

another pic of Root & Wings Design

Bales of hay make me smile, as does "the green" of the south coast
Thanks for stopping by, please leave me a comment..comments make me smile.

x manda