Thursday, September 29, 2011

frilly pant-a-wear

Frills, frills, who doesn't love a pair of frilly knickers, or pant-a-wear as my little girl calls them! (too cute, not that I am biased or anything)
I have had so much fun making these beauties, it is actually really hard to stop thinking up all the combinations of fabric I could use. Such a great way to use those little treasured pieces of fabric up, that you just couldn't possibly part with, because they are just too gorgeous and one day surely you will find a use for them ;)
Enough of my day-dreaming / (dare I say) fantasising about fabric..mmmm
Onto the frilly pant-a-wear..these particular ones are all sized to fit the 12-18 months, but I will be making more in other smaller sizes, and am very happy to make to a particular colour combo and size requirement. Just message me if you want to order any of these, I am yet to put them up on my MadeIt site, but will get around to it. They are priced at $16 a pair or two for $30, plus postage.

xx manda

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  1. Absolutely adorable. I missed out on pink and frills having a boy :o( These are just gorgeous.