Sunday, April 22, 2012

Almost there

About 6 weeks ago, my lovely hubby announced that he had seen me pinning away on Pinterest some 'dream' studio spaces. And that he felt that I needed more space for the Nanny Kate empire, and how would I feel about him converting part of the garage into a studio space for me?

Well, no brainer there, "yes please", followed by "I love you so much, you are the world's best ever husband!", and a BIG hug. (I love my man!)

So he has been hard at work over the last 6 weekends or so, with a bit of help thrown in one day by two of my lovely brothers-in-law, and yesterday my dad joined in the fun, helping with the patching and painting.

Now, my hubby is not a tradie. But since we bought our first apartment 10 years ago, my hubby tried his hand at some diy, along with some help from both his dad and mine. And then when we fell in love with our current house, a between the wars timber cottage, which was VERY run down and hadn't seen anything much done to it for nearly 80 years, he had a HUGE project on his hands. So once again both my dad and his came to the rescue, and helped with all their knowledge of building, and combined with my hubby's determination to do it himself with best way he could, which meant many hours surfing the net and reading books, finding ways to do various building projects that needed to make our little cottage habitable.

So needless to say, I knew he could tackle this project no worries at all. It is almost there. I put a little bit of colour on two walls today, my husbands response was, 'holy crap'...but I want this studio to be a place of inspiration and creativity, full of colour and fun.

Now we need to lay the lino on the floor, fit the skirting boards and dad will come in and do the gloss on the windows and french doors. And I can move in...yippee!!!!

xx manda
P.S- I will take more photos when the floor is in and  I move all my 'stuff' in...stay tuned

So here are some photos of the project in progress.
building the frame
insulation in
the workhorse
 aka- 'the beast'
 aka 'the ute'

hubby and dad in action, putting on the first coat

one wall (excuse the photo quality)
the opposite wall
(the other two walls will remain white)


  1. Beautiful! Lucky girl- would love a space like that.

    1. Thanks Louise. I know I am a very lucky girl ;)

  2. How's it all coming along Kate? Is it finished yet?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      All finished, and all my 'stuff' is in. And actually, hubby is out there right now putting up the last set of shelves!
      I will put up another blog post soon to show everyone the finished result...but I may have to tidy it all up a bit first ;)

      x manda

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