Monday, April 4, 2011

This one is for you Ailsa...and all the others!

Hello Ailsa and everybody else that has been missing me! Firstly I must apologise for my total lack of blogging in well... too many months to mention really :(

Life in "Nanny Kate and family land" has been pretty busy and also very fun. To be honest, I have been enjoying life so very much lately, that Nanny Kate Design has fallen by the wayside a bit. But as always, I have been creating lots of different things, just not necessarily Nanny Kate things. Card making has taken my world by storm,(am thinking I should actually start a bit of a side blog with all my other creations? Let me know what you think. xx)

And my lovely group of friends, both school and pre-school mums have become a constant source of laughter, support and love. Love you girls! XXX. Actually...the school mums and I are heading out tonight for a ladies/sassy mums dinner tonight, and I know that each and everyone of us is looking forward to it greatly. And then this Saturday night sees me hosting a "ladies night" at my place for my pre-school friends, another group of yummy mummies. They are such a lovely group of ladies all of whome I love very much. We have such a fun time sharing with each other, whether it be a favourite recipe, a walk, a zumba class or just a chuckle, we love spending time together.

And just over a week ago our family joined in celebrating my hubby's gorgeous and very lovely...did I mention gorgeous! little sister's wedding. It was such a beautiful day here in Sydney and the happy couple were just so...well happy! You just couldn't wipe the smile off their faces if you tried. They both absolutely shone on the day and a great time was had by all, including my two little people.
We also really enjoyed having so many family members come over from New Zealand and New York.

So here are a few pics for you all.

My baby very pretty

My boy and I

Daddy's girl

Thanks for stopping by...and let me make a promise to you all...I promise to return to blog again in the next 48 hours! Yes that is right...believe it or not!

xx manda


  1. OMGosh Amanda, you and your daughter have the most beautiful curls! She looks like a little doll. And your son looks so cute in his little suit :) My girls are so big now I forget how adorable they were at this age.

  2. Hi Jodene,
    I can't believe how quickly the time goes too. And she really is my little doll, full of fun!