Friday, July 30, 2010

M.I.A...and felt playfood

Firstly I would like to say sorry for being M.I.A for so long. I don't even have a decent excuse...just that the life of a wife, funky mama and happy (if not slightly obsessive) crafter takes over at times. But I am back, and wanted to share with you my latest creations. Those of you who have visited me at Glenbrook Markets would have seen them, but for the rest of you...this is what I have been having lots of fun with lately! ....Felt playfood!!!

I have really enjoyed labouring over these. The strawberries look almost edible, the donuts look like you could just pick them up and give them a quick bite...and the cupcakes...well let's just say that I still haven't exhausted all the combinations that are possible. (I even think of flavours they could honey spice cake with lemon frosting...yum!)


  1. They really are fantastic in real life and you could almost eat them!!!!

  2. Oh and there is another reason for Manda not updating her blog. She has been looking after me - but she would not say it. Love you Manada