Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome to the world of Nanny Kate Design

Welcome and thanks for coming to see this is my very first blog post, (please go easy with me!) I wanted to let you know a little bit about the passion behind Nanny Kate Design....well it all came about just over six months ago...when my beautiful daughter Olivia (then aged around 18 months) was carrying my handbags around with her...I set forth in the hope of finding a fun and funky handbag for a little girl, to no out came the sewing machine and the "little sister" bag was born, followed by a "big sister" bag, and then the "funky mama" bag (thanks to the prompting of my very talented and fun market buddy, Emma Donlevy)

As they say...the rest is history, and a lot of it is still in the making.

I am really one of those people who just can't stop making things! And I know that there are others of you out there that have been bitten by the making I hope you enjoy the first efforts at creating a blog and come along with me for the journey...wherever it may take us.

xx Manda


  1. congratulations amanda, this looks great! you know i just love your stuff, especially your necklaces.... xxxxem