Thursday, August 2, 2012

Makin' whoopie...

...pies that is.

Should I be in the studio sewing?... Probably
Should I be doing the washing?... Probably, but it will be there tomorrow, plus a bit more
Do the windows need cleaning?...Absolutely!

Do I feel the need....the need to bake?....YES! I attempted my very first batch of whoopie pies. And I was quite surprised at how easy they really are!
So out came the Kenwood and we did a mix-a, mix-a, mix! Any other mums out there remember that Tro-tro episode? Anyhoo...

Now I can't take credit for this recipe. I found it on one of my favourite recipe websites
When looking for recipe ideas, I always tend to head over there, and I must say, I have never been disappointed with the results.

After perusing all the whoopie pie recipes I decided to go with the Spiced Golden Syrup ones.

Don't know how long they will last in this house though. Besides living very close to school, which means I always have lots of kids traipsing through here, (and usually at the end of the day when they come along with hungry tummies) my hubby has a sweet tooth and regards himself as head taste tester :)

So if you have ever wanted to have a go at making whoopie....pies, have a go. And don't forget to share with me your results.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

x manda

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