Monday, July 4, 2011

Felt necklaces at Purely4Kids

Here we are inside on a very windy, wintery Sydney day. As my mum says, "it's a good washing day"...but that is about all the kids and I can manage to do today outside.

It really is a day for staying in, and maybe doing a bit of blogging, playing with play-doh, colouring-in, baking, and maybe even some buying from the latest great kids website, Purely4Kids 

Today I wanted to share with you these felt necklaces that I have for sale over at Purely4Kids, a website that is supporting local Australian designers and makers, and providing fabulous products "for babies, teens & in-betweens"
Please follow the link I have provided and see what this fabulous new website has to offer. There are a whole range of beautiful products to peruse, not just Nanny Kate.

xx manda

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