Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anyone for a cuppa?

Hello there, I hope you have all been having a lovely weekend. Today saw us celebrating our daughters 3rd birthday, with a party at home. It was an all girl occasion, except for daddy and big brother, who were both a great help, particularly big brother who was in charge of "Oli's Lollies", a little lolly shop we set-up so that the guests could make a selection of their favourites to go into their lolly bags, which our son then got to spoon into the lolly-pink lolly bags. Needless to say, he relished his role and was fantastic at it too. (Thanks really are a "super-dooper-helper-trooper")

I thought I would share one of my favourites with you today. These little ones are called "tea-for-two"..they come as two fun tea bags and two yummy bikkies. I have lots of fun doing these, even though they are very time consuming, (every little hundred and thousand is hand sewn on) but I still love the look on peoples faces at my market stall when they see them, it makes all the hand stitching worthwhile! Enjoy!


  1. How great to see you blogging again! The work you do on your felt-y food is amazing- you rock :)

  2. Thanks Louise. I am getting all psyched to start the markets again in July and have been having fun making a few new bit and pieces. Stay tuned :)